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Man Re-Grows Finger

Three years ago, Lee Spievack sliced off the tip of his finger in the propeller of a hobby shop airplane.

What happened next, Andrews reports, propelled him into the future of medicine. Spievack's brother, Alan, a medical research scientist, sent him a special powder and told him to sprinkle it on the wound.

"I powdered it on until it was covered," Spievack recalled.

To his astonishment, every bit of his fingertip grew back.

Video & Source: Cbs via A Welsh View
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It's called granulation and it only occurs on the fingertips. It happened to me about 25 years ago when I got my finger caught in a machine. No big deal! Sorry!

April 1st............

amazing , incredible, complete garbage
for a bit of truth check out http://www.badscience.net/2008/05/pixie-dust-my-arse/

gives a few details for this miracle medical breakthrough

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