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30 November, 2007

More links for 30 Nov 2007

The South Korean man whose death was initially blamed on an exploding cell phone battery appears to have died from another cause. [Yahoo News]
Bicycles fitted with powerful speakers. [New York Times]
Woman with two wombs gave birth to two healthy babies. [Mirror]
Woman’s boob job from 36A to 36DD - and the effect it had on men (and women). [DailyMail]
Bugs you can eat. [Nova]
Top 10 food and drink hacks. [Lifehacker]
The best beer in the world is brewed by monks at St. Sixtus monastery. [Wsj]
Incredible flip book animation recreates robot battle. [Techeblog]


Barf Bags Don't Work at 0 Gs

This girl vomits into an air sickness bag but ended up in a mess.

Video: Break
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Scientists Close To Finding Elixir of Youth

FaceScientists believe they have unlocked the secret of younger-looking skin in a development which raises the prospect of an elixir of youth.

The researchers were able to rejuvenate the skin of elderly mice by blocking the activity of a single gene. Not only did the skin of the two-year-old mice appear more youthful, but at a biological level they resembled newborns.

Howard Chang, from the Stanford School of Medicine in California, who led the research, said the findings showed ageing could be temporarily reversed. "These findings suggest that ageing is not just a result of wear and tear, but is also the consequence of a continually active genetic program that might be blocked for improving human health," he said.

However, there is no telling what long-term harmful side effects might result from tinkering with the gene, NF-kappa-B. The protein made by the gene has roles in a number of body functions including the immune system, and may help fight cancer or other diseases, the researchers said.

Source: Smh
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Diamond-Studded Collar

Diamond-studded collarA dog by the name of Ritchie models a diamond-studded collar worth £500,000 ($1.03m) at Harrods department store, London.

Source: BBC
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Pencil Bench

Pencil Bench
Boex 3D Creative Solutions designed this award winning quirky bench. The seat is made up of 1600 pencils which are individually sprung. Each pencil can be removed and used.

Source: Boex
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Woman Paints Plates With Breasts for Charity

Plate painted with breastWomen in a County Durham village are painting plates with their breasts to raise money for charity. They cover their breasts with paint and make imprints on the plates which are then glazed and fired.

"We decided on Breast Cancer Care plates because we have customers who are going through breast cancer. You just want to help, " Joanne Scott, of the Buttercups Ceramic Studio in Hurworth, near Darlington, said. "And this is a fun way to raise money for a good cause."

The women do several designs, including pandas, cherries, Christmas puddings and bumble bees.

Video after the jump.

Video: NothernEcho via Arbroath
Source: Iol
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Singing Roads of South Korea

Melody roadMelody roads of Japan were featured here previously. Apparently, South Korea also have their very own melody roads.

With 68 percent of highway accidents in Korea caused by inattentive, sleeping or speeding drivers, the Korean Highway Corp., as well as the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute in Japan, came up with the idea of musical road surfaces to keep motorists entertained but also to reduce their speed and help them stay alert. On Korean highways, the song of the streets is the simple, yet sweet "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

Hit the jump for the video!

Video: Abc
Source: Abc
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Four-Year-Old Boy Swam In Crocodile-Infested Waters

Daniel Woditj and familyA four-year-old boy has gone on an incredible five-hour adventure where he swam alone in crocodile-infested waters - and locals believe a spirit lured him away from his family.

Daniel left his house after eating breakfast with his family last Monday morning at the Peppimenarti Community, 200km south-west of Darwin. Parents Captain and Mary Woditj, noticed Daniel was missing two hours later and alerted the rest of the community.

After walking for several kilometres, Daniel came to a creek and swam across it. Four of his dogs "bailed up" at the creek but the youngster continued on undaunted with his puppy to a second creek.

Daniel swam the second croc-infested creek and walked on for several more kilometers.

The toddler was found five-and-a-half hours after he set off from his parents' house playing in a creek with his puppy.

Source: Daily Telegraph
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Bracelet Found In Chicken after 25 Years

Olson Locker ownersMore than two decades after Aaron Giles lost his identity bracelet, he’s finding how it was discovered tough to swallow.

A meat cutter at Olson Locker in Fairmont came across the shiny object in a chicken gizzard and saw a name, address and phone number engraved on it.

Giles had lived in Fairmont as a child and played hide-and-seek and other games with his brothers in their grandfather’s barn near Sherburn.

"I would spend most of my time out at his farm, and that’s the only place I can think of that I would have lost it," Giles said about his bracelet on Thursday. The 31-year-old said he thinks the bracelet was lost when he was 4 or 5.

The barn was dismantled a few years ago, and Giles thinks his bracelet was imbedded in materials used to construct another barn in Elmore, about 45 miles away.

The bracelet was found in a chicken that came from an Elmore farm. Olson was able to track down Giles’ father and return the bracelet.

"It was in pretty immaculate shape. Everything was working on it, and all the engravings on it were still legible," Giles said. "It was quite the surprise."

Source: News10
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Woman, 83, Loses Cash in Freak Accident

MoneyMary Olive Corbiere watched helplessly as a delivery truck drove away with her purse and $1,100 of her holiday shopping stash stuck under its wheel.

Corbiere had left a drugstore Tuesday and was putting her bags in her car when a wind gust pushed her shopping cart -- still containing her purse and cane -- into the back of a nearby delivery truck.

The cart somehow became stuck in a rear wheel before the truck pulled away and disappeared into traffic.

"Everything was normal, then I turned around and the cart had taken off," she said.

The cart was dragged for blocks along one of the town's busiest thoroughfares as the truck's driver, oblivious to what had occurred, headed to the next delivery. When the purse finally burst open, witnesses told police strangers stopped and grabbed the fluttering currency that Corbiere had withdrawn that day for holiday shopping and bills.

Officers found Corbiere's tattered checkbook, broken credit card and some other belongings -- but little cash.

Source: Boston
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The Most Expensive Perfume in the World

'No. 1 Perfume' is officially the world's most expensive fragrance. Guinness World Records has put the pricey perfume in its book. One ounce costs about 26-hundred dollars.

Video: LiveVideo
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29 November, 2007

More links for 29 Nov 2007

Top 10 bizarre eating habits. [Listverse]
The aftermath of a baseball size hail storm. [Flickr]
Tricks that advertisers use. [Chemistryland]
A white cockroach. [Boing Boing]
How eating a burger and chips can make your baby a boy (and chocolate will produce a girl). [DailyMail]
An ongoing dispute between two Satellite Beach neighbors over an outdoor home security camera has been reignited by a homeowner's large buttocks sign placed in a yard. With video! [Local6]
A council has apologised to an 88-year-old widow after a street cleaner told her she could be fined for sweeping leaves from her porch. [BBC]
Unique, expandable and customizable accent light. With video! [Thinkgeek]
A man won $1 million in the state lottery - and he might not be able to keep it. With video! [Wbztv]
A Greenpeace ad that makes it's point pretty well! NSFW! [Metacafe]
Woman says online activities helped her shed 530 pounds (240kg). With video! [Kttc]


Wii Horse Racing

A kid plays a Wii racing game by bouncing a toy horse around.

Video: CollegeHumor
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Santa Forced To Wear a Seatbelt in His 8km/h Sleigh

Santa wearing a seatbeltSanta is being made to belt up - in case he falls off his sleigh whizzing through towns at a top speed of 5 mph (8 km/h). Old Saint Nick was nearly banned from riding on his sleigh when new insurance conditions meant he needed to wear a seatbelt. Luckily a modification to his chariot - in the form of a robust harness - means he can still spread some Christmas cheer.

Source: DailyMail
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Up To No Good at Work? Software Can Analyze Your E-Mails

Software is being designed to allow companies to flag up employees who are potential saboteurs, industrial spies or data thieves. It might also flag up whistle-blowers.

Developed by researchers at the University of California, Irvine, it gauges which topics authors commonly write about. Fed a series of documents, such as academic journal articles, Author-Topic examines the frequency with which words appear in each and uses that to infer which topic that document is about. It then identifies topics that each person writes on most.

Peterson’s team uses the software to analyse emails, rather than articles, and extra software records whether people are sending emails internally or externally. Their system identifies people who are not discussing certain, expected topics - say social activities - with their colleagues, and flags them as possibly feeling alienated. It also identifies those who are discussing sensitive topics externally and classes them as having “clandestine, sensitive interests”. People who are flagged in both categories could pose a risk to a company, say the authors.

In addition to potential saboteurs, the software can also spot whistle-blowers.

Source: EurekAlert
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Cell Phones Help Deliver Baby

iPhoneA Russian woman gave birth by the light of dozens of mobile phones after a power cut plunged a town into darkness.

Emergency generators kicked in to keep incubators going at the local maternity ward at Shelehov in northern Russia.

But the room where Rima Pivovarova, 22, was giving birth was plunged into darkness just as doctors started to try and sort out complications with the delivery.

Quick-thinking nurses borrowed mobile phones from colleagues and other patients and used their light as they delivered the baby.

Nurse Nadezhda Stempkovskaya, who helped deliver the baby, said both mother and son are doing well.

Source: Ananova
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Venus Has Lightning, Just Like Us

Lightning on VenusVenus is looking a bit more Earth-like, with frequent bursts of lightning confirmed by a new European space probe. "We consider this to be the first definitive evidence of abundant lighting on Venus," David Grinspoon, of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, told reporters in Paris yesterday. The finding was significant because lightning affected atmospheric chemistry, so scientists would have to take it into account as they tried to understand the atmosphere and climate of Venus, he said. The lightning was cloud-to-cloud, and about 55 kilometres above the surface.

Source: The Age
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The Strongest Beer in the US

Samuel Adams UtopiasHow much would you pay for an exceptional brew? $10 a six-pack? $20 a six-pack? How about $5 an ounce?

That's the minimum going rate for Boston Beer's Samuel Adams Utopias, which retails starting at $120 per 24-ounce bottle.

The country's most expensive beer is also the strongest. The 2007 edition of the vintage-dated biennial release clocks in at 27 percent alcohol by volume, more than five times the proof of the average American golden lager.

The Utopias container, a ceramic bottle molded to resemble a brew kettle, is a collectible in and of itself. The copper-colored liquid inside hasn't a bubble of carbonation. The first sensations are a viscous mouth feel and a sweet sherrylike flavor with nuances of toffee and maple. There are notes of vanilla and plum and a hint of charred wood. A long, lingering alcohol burn, more reminiscent of a cognac or brandy than a beer, is followed by a sweet burned-caramel aftertaste.

Source: Sun-Sentinel
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A City Made From Cookies

City of cookiesA miniature model city of Shenyang with a dimension of 5 meter long by 5 meter wide and made out of 25,000 pieces of cookies were on display at a hotel lobby in Beijing, China. The tallest building stands at 2.5 meters high and more than 1,000kg of Christmas cookies were used in making this city. Its builder has applied for a Guinness World Record.

City of cookies
Source: 163
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Dogs Guard Master for 3 Weeks after Death

Two dogs have shown an amazing devotion to their master, to their own detriment. Gary Lorenz disappeared in September from his home in Cotopaxi, which is between Salida and Canon City. His body was found surrounded by his dogs, Pippin and Merry. The golden retrievers stayed with their master, guarding his body, for at least three weeks after he died. They lost about 9 pounds each but vets say they are healthy.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: 7News
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Judge Removed After Jailing Entire Courtroom

Mr RestainoA US judge has been removed from the bench for jailing 46 people after none of them admitted responsibility for a ringing mobile phone in his courtroom.

The strange incident began when a mobile phone rang and an angry Mr Restaino demanded to know who it belonged to. When no one owned up, Mr Restaino told the court: "Everyone is going to jail". "Every single person is gong to jail in this courtroom unless I get that instrument now.

Despite the threat, no one came forward and the judge ordered that the group be taken into custody. The entire courtroom was taken to the city jail, where they were searched and jammed into crowded cells.

The judge released the defendants later that afternoon after the media began showing interest in the bizarre episode.

Source: Telegraph
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Korean Man 'Killed By Exploding Battery in His Cell Phone'

Cell phoneAn exploding cell phone battery is suspected by police in the death of a South Korean worker, though the phone's manufacturer said it was highly unlikely.

The man, identified only by his family name Suh, was found dead at his workplace on Wednesday morning and his mobile phone battery was melted in his shirt pocket, a police official in Cheongwon said.

“We presume that the cell phone battery exploded," the police official said. The investigation was still under way.

Kim Hoon, a doctor who examined the body, agreed. "He sustained an injury that is similar to a burn in the left chest and his ribs and spine were broken," Kim said. "It is presumed that pressure caused by the explosion damaged his heart and lungs, leading to his death."

Police said the phone was made by South Korea's LG Electronics Inc., the world's fifth-biggest handset maker.

Source: Smh
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'Spooky' Face On Skin-Bound Book

SkinbookA "spooky" image of a priest executed for treason over the Gunpowder Plot has appeared on a 17th century book thought to be bound in his skin, it is claimed. Auctioneers said the face of Father Henry Garnet could be seen peering from the cover of the "rare and macabre" book about the Jesuit priest's death. The item will go under the hammer at Wilkinson's Auctioneers in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, on Sunday.

Source: BBC
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Humanoid Robot Teaches Dentists to Feel People's Pain

Medical simulation robotJapan's future dentists may soon be able to better appreciate patients' pain by training on a humanoid robot that can mumble "ouch" when the drill hits a nerve.

The robot, resembling an attractive young woman with long black hair and a pink sweater, also can listen to instructions and react to pain by moving her eyes or hands.

The medical simulation robot, named "Simroid," is designed to be used for clinical training at dental schools.

The 160-centimeter (five-foot-three) robot can say "it hurts" and frown when it feels uncomfortable from the dental drill. It also has a sensor on the breast area that keeps track if it has been touched inappropriately, an engineer said.

Video: YouTube via Pink Tentacle
Source: Yahoo News
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28 November, 2007

More links for 28 Nov 2007

Man tries to deposit fake $1 Million bill. [Forbes]
Hello Kitty bicycle tires on sale for $26. Scroll down! [Nirve]
The businessman who donates all profits. [HeraldNet]
The Star Wars mimobot Series 2 usb flash drives introduces four new characters to the mimobot family: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and bounty hunter extraordinaire. Scroll down! [Mimobots, Thanks Jennifer!]
Today, countries battle for a piece of the Arctic. Tomorrow? The moon. [Wired]
During normal operation or in Safe mode, your computer may play "Fur Elise" or "It's a Small, Small World" seemingly at random. This is an indication sent to the PC speaker from the computer's BIOS that the CPU fan is failing or has failed, or that the power supply voltages have drifted out of tolerance. [Microsoft]
Man takes computer cooling way too far. [Geekologie]
Scientists have managed to restore a sense of touch to two patients with prosthetic arms, in what is seen as a step towards creating sensitive limbs. [BBC]
Find out how many of your favorite alcoholic beverages it would take to send you to a drunken grave. [Justsayhi]


Dare-Devil Stunts

StuntsStuntmen perform on their motorbikes and car on the walls of the "Well of Death" at a fair on the outskirts of Jammu November 28, 2007. The stuntmen earn their livelihood by performing dare-devil stunts by driving their bikes and cars on the walls of the "Well of Death" and attracting a large number of spectators from all walks of life.

Source: Yahoo News
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Sculpture Made From Typewriter Parts

typewriter sculptureAn awesome sculpture made from the parts of a typewriter.

Source: Webshots via UniqueDaily
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