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31 July, 2006

Hilarious Videos


Which is more hilarious: Jon Stewart on "Brink of War" (left) or Colbert making fun of morning news (right)?

Video: YouTube
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30 July, 2006


Cat dressed in a Superman capeThere are many cases of cat abuse recently especially one whereby a cat was mutilated. Whoever done this just don’t have any respect for life itself.

In Egypt, cats are greatly respected whereas in Japan, it is considered a symbol of good luck. Why can’t we just give cats the respect they deserve here? Well, if anyone find them annoying, he/she can just call the SPCA.

If you are a cat abuser, you are doomed. This Supercat will seek you out and take revenge!

Image: RustyRabbit / Flickr
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28 July, 2006

“Half Cooked” Lobster

A rare two-toned lobster found in MaineWhat is your first impression when you saw this picture (click on it for a larger view) of a lobster? So cruel, a half cooked lobster! How could anyone do this? That's my initial thought too. Surprisingly, it is neither half cooked nor manipulated by image editing software, it is the real thing!

This two-toned lobster was caught in Maine. It appears that the blue pigment present in normal lobster is missing along halve of its shell, thus giving it a half cooked appearance. The odd of finding one such lobster is 1 in 50 million. It must have been a really lucky day for the fishermen who caught it.

This picture reminds me of my lobster dinner experience while touring around New Zealand. It was Christmas Eve and the tour agency made special arrangements for it. Our eyes were popping out of its sockets when we discovered that each person was allocated a whole lobster! No words can describe my dinning experience at that time. Oh no, I am drooling already!

Link: National Geographic
Image: © Bangor Daily News / Abigail Curtis
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27 July, 2006

Cool Hairstyle!

Kid with hair standing on ends caused by static electricityWow! A little girl with a cool hairstyle! Would you like to have this hairdo?

Link & Image: Meer / Flickr
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25 July, 2006

Ferrero Rocher vs Passion

A box of Ferrero Rocher and a box of PassionI am a chocolate lover and Ferrero Rocher has always been one of my favorites. While at a supermarket, I spotted a different brand (Passion) with the same packaging. What a surprise. The packaging just seems so similar (click on picture for a larger view).

Nevertheless, I grabbed a box of each in order to try out the differences. Even the cashier did not realize that these were two different brands. As a result, I was being overcharged. Oh well, the price difference is small enough to let the matter rest.

After a short munching session, I have come to the conclusion that Rocher is both richer and crunchier in taste as compared to Passion. Personally, I felt that this is because the main ingredient for Rocher is hazelnut while that of Passion is peanut. Ok, got to resume my munching session now. Just can't resist the temptation!

Image: Spluch
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24 July, 2006

ROBOROVSKI ... Cute Little Rascals

A Roborovski hamsterRoborovski hamsters are cute but extremely active. They can play the wheel for hours, and sometimes I wish I could have their stamina. Mine has given birth to 5 little rascals (a month old now) but unfortunately one died after a month since birth.

Whenever I let them out, it will always be a hide-and-seek session and I'll have to spend some effort to get them back into their cage. And trust me, they sure can run much faster then what you would expect.

Interestingly, they can sleep in different postures - sitting up, lying down flat, upside down. Although adorable, they are pretty timid and run like crazy whenever they sense some movement. And they do give a harmless but painful bite. How do I know this? Well, somehow the mum though my little finger was some kind of food and wanted to try its taste while I was feeding them.

Check out the full photoset from the following link.

Image: Spluch / Flickr
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22 July, 2006

Pepsi Nex Game

Have you ever wanted to smash a wall because you are so angry or perhaps you are under great stress? Unless you are Jugglenaut as in X-Men, you won't be able to do that! Well, the next best thing is to play Nex Game online.

In this game, you control a character in breaking ice walls by clicking at the right moment.

Check out the funny hand gestures made by the character whenever an ice wall is broken. The sound effects are just super. Remember to crank up the volume of the speakers!

Note that the image link will take you to the Pepsi Japan website which is mostly in Japanese. However, the link to the game can be easily located near the top right hand corner.

Link: Please click on the image above
Image: Pepsi Japan
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21 July, 2006

Is that a grenade?

A palm-sized fire extinguisherIs that a grenade? Nope, but it surely looks like one! This is even more so when painted dark green rather than red.

PinQY, as it is called is a real and fully functional fire extinguisher. Even though it is only palm-sized, it is not a toy.

Link & Image: PinQY
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20 July, 2006

Cure for Blindness

Artistic sketch of an eyeIf you have seen the movie At First Sight (a true life account of how one lost his sight, regains it through surgery but then lost it again) and does not like the ending where the actual person stays blind to this day, there is now a glimmer of hope. According to Dr Mathieson, a scientist at the University of Glasgow,

Blindness is often caused by the light cells at the back of the eye dying off. By implanting a microelectronic device into the eye, we hope we will be able to fool the brain into believing the retina, which converts light into signals that are sent to the brain, is still in working order.

The electronic implant prototype is still in its early stages of development and contains only 100 pixels. Dr Mathieson and his team hopes that the number of pixels would increase as their research and development work progresses.

The minimum no of pixels required for face recognition is 500 and it would take at least 5 years before this kind of transplant becomes a reality.

In the future, advances in this field of research might even lead to smart chips which are capable of storing visual information thus allowing for action replay and slow motion. By then, my guess is that video cameras will be obsolete. How I wish I can fast-forward time to this day.

The year is 2050. Hey Ethan, we are running late and your walking pace is too slow for us to make it on time. Oh, I forgot to switch off slow motion mode!

Link: University of Glasgow
Image: Coz Baldwin
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18 July, 2006

Giant Catfish

To celebrate king of Thailand’s 60 years reign, local fishers have decided to stop catching the endangered Mekong giant catfish. In return, a U.S. $500 reward will be awarded for the surrender of each giant-catfish net.

About the fish:
  • Grows up to 3 meters long
  • Weighs up to 300 kilograms
  • Lives in the Mekong River system (China, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam)

Wow, such a gigantic fish. It seems more of a food for the dinosaurs rather than humans. Speaking of humans, I wonder how long does a family need in order to finish eating one assuming that we have a humongous fridge that can keep it edible for long enough?

Link: National Geographic
Image: Zeb Hogan
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16 July, 2006

Pinhole Glasses

This eyewear (pinhole glasses) is not for the disabled. Rather, it is used for vision improvement with no side-effects.

To use, simply wear it like a normal pair of glasses as often as you can. The only exception to this is while driving or doing any outdoor activities since it restricts peripheral vision. The benefits as quoted from the Vision Therapy Eyewear - F.A.Q are as follows

  • It helps relief strain and stress caused by prescription glasses, and yet enabling clearer vision.
  • Promotes an important vision habit to perfect vision – central vision, since you can see clearly only straight ahead centrally.
  • Trains your mind, eyes and muscles to see without dependence
    on your prescription eye crutches.

It is easy to make one yourself too. Just get a piece of black paper (the thicker the better) and poke holes in it using a mechanical pencil. The holes should be approximately 5 millimeter apart from each other. Start with 5 holes, forming a centralized star-shaped pattern for each eye. Note that there is no limit to the number of holes and you can have as many as you wish.

Trim to size and attach it securely to a redundant spectacle frame (with both lens discarded). Alternatively, 2 rubber-bands can be used in place of the frame. Here is your very own pair of handmade pinhole glasses with no cost attached.

Image: Spluch
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12 July, 2006

An Absurd Idea!

Kyle MacDonald, a 26-year-old blogger, came up with an absurd idea. He wanted to trade a paper clip for a house!

In order to do that, a blog (see the link below) was created to facilitate the trade. This was where potential traders posted their offers while readers offered their advice.

After trading his way up 14 times, he ended up with a house. Goal accomplished. The whole process lasted for only a year (12 July 2005 – 12 July 2006). During this period, the traded items (in sequence) were as follows:

  • Red paper clip
  • Fish-shaped pen
  • Clay doorknob with a funny face
  • Camping stove
  • Generator
  • Instant party
  • Snowmobile
  • Trip to Yahk, British Columbia
  • Panel van
  • Recording contract
  • One year rent free stay in Phoenix
  • An afternoon with a rock star – Alice Cooper
  • Snow globe
  • One movie role
  • House

This true story proves that with the help of the internet, nothing is unachievable. Well, almost! So, what’s next?

Link: One Red Paperclip
Image: Kyle MacDonald / Flickr
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11 July, 2006

Peanut Butter Kids

Kids playing with peanut butter! Sure sounds like fun. And it’s yummy too.

Link & Image: Megamommatron / Flickr
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10 July, 2006

Homepage of a Baby

Is that a soft toy in the middle of the picture? Nope, it’s a six month old baby and a cute one too. This beautiful little girl has a homepage at the following link.

Wow. At this age, she can setup a homepage already! Can you imagine what she can do when she grows up?

Link & Image: Michelle Caitlin Duhe / Flickr
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09 July, 2006

A cutie which will propose for you

Thinking of a way to put forth your marriage proposal in a special way? Try this.

Get a cute palm sized soft toy which holds a mini scroll box like the one held by the cutie in the picture. Write a short "Marry Me" note on a piece of paper. Tie it up with a ribbon such that the proposal ring is secured within. Stuff the note into the scroll box.

Wala. You now have a cutie which will propose for you. Just pass it to her and ask her to open it. Isn't it a good idea?

Image: Spluch
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All about Sudoku

Have you ever seen someone staring at an electronic handheld console, a board game, a book or perhaps just a piece of newspaper cutting with lots of squares and numbers in it? He/she is actually playing a puzzle game called Sudoku which is also known as Number Place in the United States.

Starting with various numbers given in some cells, there are 3 sections to consider and they are the rows, columns and 3x3 boxes (see image). Each of these sections are further sub-divided into 9 sub-sections - 9 rows, 9 columns and 9 3x3 boxes. Simply fill each of the sub-sections with the digits 1 to 9 with each digit appearing once and only once.

Unlike most other puzzle games, this is a totally logic-based game and no guess work is necessary. In addition, it helps to pass time while commuting or while waiting for someone. To top it off, the satisfaction that one gets when a Sudoku puzzle is solved is just incredible. No wonder people get hooked playing it.

If you would like to learn more about the playing strategies, start playing online or perhaps buy Sudoku stuffs, follow the links below. If you would like to get Sudoku artworks (click on image for a larger view) follow the image link.

Links:Image: © Alex Fenyvesi
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07 July, 2006

Why use Linux?

Linux is an open source operating system, which means:

  • It is free!
  • Source code can be modified to fit user's needs
  • Linux supports various hardware, and can even run on older or legacy hardware
  • There are many flavours of Linux, and hence you can choose one that best suits you
  • Linux is much less prone to viruses and spyware, as most of them are not targeted at Linux
  • Huge selection of applications which we use such as OpenOffice, Gimp, etc.
  • Great for software developent, such as C, C++ , Perl, Java

For more information, please visit the following link.

Link: DistroWatch
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06 July, 2006

An Unusual X-ray

Spotted anything unusual in the x-ray (Click on image for a larger view)? There appears to be an alien in it! According to the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC), the x-ray was of a duck (an adult male mallard) with a supposedly broken wing. Sadly, this bird died not long after the X-ray was taken. However, is it really an alien? Here is what IBRRC has to say

A necropsy was done by UC Davis veterinarians and showed the stomach had some grain in it, but no alien.

Nevertheless, this one-of-a-kind x-ray which measures 17” by 14” and comes with a certificate of authenticity was sold on Ebay for US $9,600.00. For the full story, please visit the following link.

Image: Marie Travers / IBRRC
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A Theory of Everything

View of one of the largest young clusters of stars inside our Milky Way galaxyFor eons, humankind have been trying to work out a set of mathematical formulas that describes everything – from the large (the universe) to the small (sub-atomic particles) and the somewhere in between too (you and me).

In the latest developments, theoretical physicists have come up with the String Theory. Could this be the final theory? If this theory is true, then there are many strange and utterly bizarre implications. One of which is that there are a total of eleven dimensions of which we can see and feel only four (three dimensions of space and one of time).

Could there be aliens living in the other dimensions? What are the other implications? You can find answers to these questions and more by watching the fascinating online documentary titled The Elegant Universe from the link below.

Link: NOVA / PBS
Image: NASA
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05 July, 2006

Tan Thru Suits

I like the sun, sand and the sea. This is what a frequent beach goer would say. Do you belong to this group? Would you like to get rid of those tan lines?

This is achievable with tan thru suits and it’s available for both ladies and men. Contrary to what most might think, a tan thru suit is not a see thru suit. The explanation from Solar Tan Thru Suits is as follows:
The Solar Tan Thru Suit is guaranteed not to be see through when worn wet or dry. This remarkable feature is achieved with Solar's unique prints which create a high contrast of colors. Such contrast tricks the eyesight, creating an optical inability for the human eye to see past these specially designed tan thru prints when the suit is worn.

Link & Image: Solar Tan Thru Suits
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03 July, 2006

Anime for you

Are you a Otaku (Die-hard Anime fan)? Whether you're a Otaku or a casual anime viewer, Baka-updates will definitely have something that will entertain you.

All anime released are subtitled in English, which should be great news for non-japanese speaking anime fans. All episodes can be downloaded using a BT client, and hence boasts fantastic download speeds. Quoted from Baka-Updates:

Baka-Updates is a free service brought to you by fellow anime fans. This site focuses on updates and news about the most recent anime releases by the digital fansubbing groups.

Link & Image: Baka-Updates
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01 July, 2006

Superman vs Superheros

Superman always triumphed when pitted against any of the villains in the movies/comics.

Would the outcome be any different if he is challenged by other superheros - Jedi, Batman, X-men etc? The following is extracted from Howstuffworks:

Jedi are fast, and part of their training involves fighting without using their sight or other senses. But they don't quite reach Superman's speeding-bullet status. Physically, Superman has the upper hand.

Because of Superman's strength and speed, using the Force to manipulate him mid-flight would be a lot like manipulating a starship. If the Force could manipulate starships in flight, Darth Vader could have crashed all the X-wings during the Battle of Yavin.

Please proceed to the following link to read more.

Link: Howstuffworks
Image: Joey Gossett / Superman Logo © DC Comics
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Chalkboard Fight

What a fun way to fight it out (See image). Interested to know who won the fight? Proceed to the following link.

Link: Flickr
Image: Carlos Villela
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